Construction Law

Serving General Contractors, Subs, Vendors and Owners

Arnold & Placek, P.C. represents numerous clients in construction-related matters. Our attorneys are experienced in litigation and business counseling affecting to the construction industry. We integrate our expertise in commercial litigation, insurance law and administrative law in serving our construction clients. In approaching construction disputes, our objective is always to resolve the matter quickly, efficiently, and in a manner satisfactory to our clients. However, our extensive commercial litigation experience enables us to handle the prosecution or defense of the claim with the skill and intensity necessary to preserve the rights of our clients, in the event a settlement cannot be reached. We offer services to our clients in the following areas:

Lien Law: We assist clients in perfecting their lien rights for work done or materials supplied. We also defend against liens improperly placed on projects involving our clients.

Collections: We manage collections issues for general contractors and subcontractors, as well as material providers. We can handle matters that are secured by lien rights, as well as unsecured claims.

Litigation: We handle all types of construction related litigation, ranging from simple collection matters to complex contract claims or defective construction defense. We can also handle matters in pre-litigation, attempting to affect a solution before the matter ends up in court. Our attorneys are experienced in both mediation and arbitration, in addition to trial work.

Contract Law: We review and draft contracts and various agreements for our clients, including master subcontract agreements, waivers and releases, and modifications to AIA forms.

Insurance Counseling: We can review your current insurance program and recommend changes to best protect the assets of the business and your personal assets. We can represent you in any disputes with your insurance carrier over claims or coverage.

Administrative/Employment Law: We are experienced in administrative law and can represent you before the Texas Workforce Commission or the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission. We also draft and review employment agreements, including non-compete clauses and trade secret/confidentiality provisions.